8 hours of One To One Medicine Interview Tutoring.

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8 hours of Interview Tutoring.

MedScore expert will provide bespoke tutoring for the specific medical school you have applied to. The tutor will run a Full Mock Interview and provide a thorough feedback on how to improve. 


This is the best option as the tutoring will be very specific to your medical school. We have a 98% success rate on our tutoring. As our tutors also sit on various medical school admission interviews. So they know exactly what a good candidate and a bad candidate looks like. 

Why choose MedScore?

Simply being a medical students does not guaranty that you are good at advising people for interview.

This is where MedScore tutors are different. 

They are not only medical students who received 4 offers.

They also received a BSc in Medical Education, MSc in Medical Ethics, Participate at real current Medical School admission interviews of various universities and have taken part in writing medical school admission interview questions. 


The Interview Stations will cover:


Insight into Medicine

Situation Judgement

Ethical Scenario

Team Work

Role Play

Map Task

Reflective task

Qualities of a Doctor


The service we provide is strictly confidential and at the highest standard. 

Please email us at:

Phone us: 07716714199

The 8 hours of One To One Medicine Interview Tutoring. is the product you didn't think you need, but once you have it, something you won't want to live without.

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