Medical School Interview Courses



What you need to know of our Medical School interview courses

* The MedScore interview courses stands out from all the other Interview courses, as our courses are led by university graduate students and undergraduate medical students who have experienced various interviews and have successfully gained places at medical schools. They provide us vital information required to tackle the interview questions.

* Many of our interviewers have previously stood at medical school interview panels.

* In term of our medical ethics seminar session, the content has been created and redrafted by the founders of the medical ethics society as well as by medical students who have completed a master in Medical ethics. ​ 

Have you got MMI interview coming up soon?

The MedScore Interview course will ensure you are equipped with the best skills and it will cover the step by step techniques to make surer you can tackle traditional (Oxbridge), MMI interviews. 

In addition, you will be given a free full length mock interview with extensive verbal and written feedback.

Medicine interview course Information

Our interview course is taught with a mixture of interactive lectures and small group teachings. Our tutors and course creators have experience from both sides of the interview table. This ensures that we can anticipate what style of questions will be asked, why they get asked and what interviewers are looking for in your answers and body language.

During the interview course, you will be interviewed by a panel of experienced medics from various medical schools. Their questions will be similar to the questions you will be asked at your interview.

Your mock interview will last approximately 20 minutes. Once You leave the room, the interviewers will discuss among themselves, before giving you constructive verbal and written feedback, stating where your weak points and strong points are as well as how to improve. 

​What our course offers you

1. Course structure based on researches we carried out with clinicians, undergrad/graduate med students and doctors that have successfully passed all the interview styles.
2. Detailed lectures on all aspects of both the panel interview and MMI interview.
3. A full Panel interview under examination conditions with feedback.
4. Your panel interview and feedback will be video recorded if you wish, for you to keep and look over in complete confidence.
6. You will receive a video recording of your interview to analyse, review and improve before your medical school Interview.
7. You will receive a folder with all the feedback from your full mock interview, all the content for the day and further questions for further practice before your interview. 
8. Access to our tutors from the interview panel by email and Facebook group until your last Interview.

BTW: You will have the opportunity to subsequently review your mock interview video recording with one of our tutors.
We have incorporate it to ensure you get the maximum help to ensure you succeed at your interview.
We have developed this process over the last 5 years of running mock interviews, with fantastic results. Book your place and see your interview skills and confidence skyrocket. 

Societies Partnerships

If you are a school or a university society thinking of booking an in-house Interview Course at you're school or university society, complete an enquiry form and we will get back to you shortly.