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The BMAT is a 2 hours pen and paper admission aptitude test for applicants to Medicine, Biomedical Science and Dentistry

in the United Kingdom. The exam has been previously done via pen and paper. No announcement has been made whether that will change. 



MedScore aims to ensure you have the skills and knowledge to get into UK Medical Schools, whatever your background. 

Our services varies, so that we can unlock your potential, every step of the way, until you get into medical school.


BMAT Courses

The MedScore BMAT Course is a 2-day course, held in major UK cities during the british summer season.

MedScore tutor provide you all the knowledge you needs to excel in the UCAT exam,

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What doe the BMAT consist of?

The BMAT is quite different from the UCAT. It composed of 3 sections, which test different skills.

Section 1: Aptitude and skills

Section 2: Scientific knowledge and applications (Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics).

Section 3: Written communication (in the form of an essay). Universities that uses the BMAT for their admission vetting process

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Section 1 Multiple-choice, Generic skills in problem solving, critical thinking i.e. understanding arguments The test no longer test for data analysis and inference. 35 multiple-choice questions 60 minutes

Section 2 multiple-choice, The ability to apply scientific knowledge typically covered in school Science and Mathematics by the age of 16 (for example, GCSE in the UK and IGCSE internationally). 27 multiple-choice questions 30 minutes

Section 3 The ability to select, develop and organise ideas, and to communicate them in writing, concisely and effectively. One writing task from a choice of three questions 30 minutes.

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University of Oxford – Medicine and BioMedical Sciences:

The University of Oxford will only accept BMAT results from the November session for A100 Medicine and BC98 Biomedical Sciences. If you are applying for either of these courses at the University of Oxford, you must take the test in November only, even if you are also applying to institutions/courses that accept September results.

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Which universities accept BMAT – September?

Brighton and Sussex Medical School (B74)* A100 Medicine

Imperial College London (I50) A100 Medicine

Lancaster University (L14) A100 Medicine & Surgery A104 Medicine & Surgery with a Gateway Year

University College London (U80) A100 Medicine

University of Cambridge (C05) A100 Medicine

University of Leeds (L23) A100 Medicine A101 Gateway Year to Medicine A200 Dentistry

University of Manchester Medical School (for some groups of international applicants only, check the University's website for full details) A106 MBChB Medicine and A104 MBChB Medicine (with foundation year)

University of Oxford (O33)** A101 Graduate Medicine only

Keele University (K12) Keele requires only ‘overseas for fees’ students to take BMAT. A100 Medicine

Universidad de Navarra Medicine

University of Pécs Medicine Dentistry

Chiang Mai University† Doctor of Medicine

Chulalongkorn University† Doctor of Medicine

Khon Kaen University† MD02 Medicine (Northeast Thailand applicants) MDX Medicine (other applicants)

King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang† Faculty of Medicine Medicine

Mahidol University† Faculty of Medicine

Ramathibodi Hospital Mahidol International Dental School Medicine Dentistry

Navamindradhiraj University† Faculty of Medicine Vajira Hospital MD Doctor of Medicine

Srinakharinwirot University† A10S Doctor of Medicine (joint programme with the University of Nottingham)

Suranaree University of Technology† MD Doctor of Medicine

Thammasat University: CICM and Dentistry† 642901 Doctor of Medicine (English language) 642902 Doctor of Dental Surgery (bilingual English/Thai)

University of Malaya Medicine

University of Rijeka Faculty of Medicine MD Medicine

University of Zagreb Doctor of Medicine (in English)

Undergraduate and Graduate Medicine Interview Courses Overview

Our Medical School Interview courses have been created and constantly revised by medics who have experience all the styles of interviews and have successfully gained places at various medical schools. Our medicine interview courses are bespoke to ensure that you are fully prepared for your interview; know what to expect and excel at your medical school interview.

What you need to know of our Medical School interview courses

*The MedScore interview courses stands out from all the other Interview courses, as our courses are led by university graduate students and undergraduate medical students who have experienced various interviews and have successfully gained places at medical schools. They provide us vital information required to tackle the interview questions.

*Many of our interviewers have previously stood at medical school interview panels.

*In term of our medical ethics seminar session, the content has been created and redrafted by the founders of the medical ethics society as well as by medical students who have completed a master in Medical ethics.

Thed Ultimate Guide To Medical School

Medical School Summer School

This is the best experience to practice various procedures you will be doing during medical school and once you start F1 as a foundation doctor. great opportunity to gain real medical on hand experience and getting a good understand of what life of a medical student and doctor feels like. Stay up to date on our news later and social media for more information.