Information Regarding the Interview. How MedScore Can Help

Tacking the new style of interview can be challenging. The pressure of jumping from one station to the next whilst being timed can wreak headaches to medical applicants. Hence, having someone who has been through the process of either the graduate entry medicine interview or the undergraduate interview can make all the difference.

At MedScore, we provide applicants the opportunity of to attend realistic medical school interview practice to ensure that applicants are familiar with the current medical school interview questions, without facing hiccups. We gathered exceptional medical students from various medical schools and doctors with a background of medical education, masters on medical ethics and previous medical school interviewers, to prepare medical school applicants for their MMI interview and panel interview through the best Medical School Interview Course for United Kingdom applicants. Our expert medical interview tutors take an effective stand to enhance your knowledge through the exceptional Medicine Interview Courses.

Students who may be unable to attend our Medicine Interview Panel and MMI course are welcome to book for the one to one Medical School Interview Tutoring. The tutoring will ensures we tackle everything that would be included in our usual Medicine Preparation Leading Courses.

After attending the Interview course or the Interview tutoring, you will be provided with the opportunity to have a one to one final prep to discuss and clear any doubts with experts. Book your spot for the Premium medicine interview crash course today and give your interview performance a boost. 

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