MedScore Addressing 4 Allegations By The Clinical Science Department

Dear students.

We would like to first acknowledge the allegation said by the department regarding MedScore.

Firstly, we are deeply sorry that you all have to retake the exam in the summer. Our aim was to better prepare you for your exam. Unfortunately, it seems that we over prepared you. It was unfortunate that the cohort used the same questions for the actual ethics exam.

1st allegation: Clinsci cohort stating that it is Illegal for MedScore to give those questions to students.

As an external company, we had created our PowerPoint, for that day, which we used to lead the Ethics Master Class.

Any good tutoring company uses past paper questions to better prepare their students. Hence there was nothing illegal or fraudulent regarding us, giving attendees those questions. We did not state that those questions were ours and we had informed attendees that those questions were from the previous year.

Even during lectures, lecturers use information they found online to teach you and reference them. 

In this occasion, the department neglected the importance of creating new questions for the real exam. Also if we did not give attendees those questions, certain students would still have those questions from elder students.

2nd allegation: Societies do not gain anything from our partnerships.

The ability to partner with societies helped us provide events at cheaper cost to attendees; hence that is how we manage to run that ethics event free of charge.

The department informing the societies to not partner with us, as they feel as though students should come to them for help and not to MedScore. Fair, they want to help you, but to deny students the ability to make their own mind in getting extra help from external organisations does not not help the students. 

During the meeting that the Director of MedScore (Chris) had with Dr Wilshaw.

Chris informed him, that at medscore, we believe that students who have previously taken the same examination and have excelled in them, with the right training, they are better suited to prepare students for the same examination.

This has nothing to do with the quality of teaching by lecturers. It is just our personal belief, as we can understand where you are struggling, because we were once in the same situation, you are now. 

3rd allegation: Our Materials are out of date, as we finished uni so long ago.  

Let just put it out there, if our materials were really out of date, would they really be making you take the exam again? lol. How would they know, if our materials are out of date? 

Anyway, we still thought we would address it.

When planing our courses, we always, I repeat always double check with the current year materials, so that we ensure that we have not left anything out, or that we are not teaching students irrelevant things. 

4th allegation: Unethical to use only Leeds students. 

We find it amusing, as Medscore, is now in 10 cities. Our events in Glasgow are actually the most fruitful. 

In term of revision courses, MedScore tutors are not only studying at Leeds Medical School, some are elder clinsci students who performed extremely well in various exams and graduate clinsci, who are now studying medicine in various universities, such as Sheffield and Manchester.


Finally, as the event was free to everyone. Those who chose not to attend; they did so at their own risk. We get it all the time, students being disappointed in not attending our events. As they were unaware of them or they didn’t think the events would have been beneficial.

Once you take the ethics exam in the summer. Those same students, who performed poorly in January, will still perform poorly unless they change their tactic, and seek help where needed, whereas you will perform better as you received our training, even if the questions are different, the answering techniques remain the same.

Taking responsibility over your education is vital to succeed. Complaining when someone else perform better or get into medical school and you do not; will not help you get into medical school or pass your exams the next time.

All you have to do, is taking a leap of faith and give us a change to show you how we can help you.  It will be one of the best decision you will make this year. At least, then you can say that you tried everything you could, if it does not go to plan.

But if you do not succeed in an exam or an assignment, and you did not use all the resources at your disposal, such as the university assignment clinic, the clinsci workshops, clinsoc and medethics society guidance workshops and of most important, the Medscore Premium Crash courses. You will not be able to say that you tried your best.

Everyone can do well in assignments and exams. It is just about taking the right initiatives and approach. When the founders of MedScore were in year 1 clinsci (2014), the like of medethics, clinsoc and MedScore LTD were never present to help them. Now in 2020, there are no excuse to perform poorly. 

Always remember, you are not in competition with your colleagues. 
You are in competition with yourself, the grade boundaries as well as the criteria for the personal statement and interview.  

We would like to finish by telling you a short true story. 

When MedScore launched their first interview event in 2017 "the old clinsci department cohort, told the students that our materials were inaccurate and that they should not attend them".

From the 20 students who had decided to attend our free interview prep, only 6 ended up attending. From those 6 brave students, who were determined to get into medical school. 4 got in. Majority of the other 14 did not get in.   

So, have your own mind and make your own decision. 

We do hope that one day, we would be able to work in partnership with the department cohort. On till then...


Kindest Regards 

the MedScore Team

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