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Time: 10.00-16.00


Over the last 4 years the founders of the MedEthics society have been running the master class on the Medical school entry process.


In 2016 we launched our first BMAT course, which we had an enormous turn out.


Our BMAT course has been revisited over the years and tuned to perfection.

The course is led by medical students who will tackle each sections of the BMAT course.

  • Section 1: Exploring your aptitude and skills.
  • Section 2: Scientific knowledge and application in term of Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics.
  • Section 3: The writing Task. Your ability to write under timed condition a coherent essay.



In February of this academic year, we are running our popular BMAT course.

We are former clinical science students who have excelled in the BMAT. Let us help you also become a former a clinsi student, who will excel in the BMAT. Hopefully this time next year will be the one helping the next generation of Clinical science students becoming medical students, by first performing well in the BMAT.


The BMAT crash course will be very intense as it is a whole day, so there will be a lot to cover.


We will go through in detail all of the three sections of the examination. Offering tips and resources.


The session is scheduled from 10am to 4pm, however we may go over time so that we are certain that you have learned and enhanced the skills required to ace the BMAT.


If you ask any of your clinical elders, they will tell you the value of our Master Classes.


This one is no exception.


Remember exceptional knowledge is the key to success 🔑


Grab this bargain before it’s too late.


The BMAT CRASH COURSE will be spit into three sections to cover the whole exam. The sessions will start at 10.00 am with 3 teaching stands following one after an other, including reflective questions to ensure you have understood the topics. 



By the end of the Crash course, MedScore tutees will ensure that you are feeling more confident regarding tackling the BMAT exam, then you were when you walked in. Hence you will perform better on this exam.


Plan to succeed or fail to plan. 


Team MedScore

The BMAT CRASH COURSE 08/02/2020 is the yin, to your yang. You've found what you're looking for.

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