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Dates: May, June, July. 

Time: 10:00-17:000

Location: Zoom

The Premium UCAT Crash Course will give you the knowledge Dr Bash used to score in the 99th percentile. i.e. in the best 1% of the population.

The Medscore UCAT Crash Course has been created by a team of Medics who have achieved top 90 percentile in the UCAT the year they took the test). Using their previous knowledge and techniques. We designed the best UCAT course to help you improve your UCAT performance.

The UCAT Crash Course will tackle each sections of the UCAT exam.

  • Section 1:Verbal Reasoning
  • Section 2: Decision Making 
  • Section 3: Quantitative Reasoning
  • Section 4: Abstract Reasoning
  • Section 5: Situational Judgement 

The Premium UCAT Crash Course will be a very intense whole day session, therefore there will be a lot to cover.

We will go through all of the 5 sections of the examination. Offering tips and resources.

The session is scheduled from 10:00-17:00, however we may go over time so that we are certain that you have learned and enhanced the skills required to ace the UCAT.


If you ask any of your previous student, they will tell you the value of our crash courses.

This one is no exception.


The Premium UCAT Crash Course will be split into 5 sections to cover the whole exam. The sessions will start at 10:00 including reflective questions to ensure you have understood the how to answer the questions. 


By the end of the Crash Course, Medscore tutor will ensure that you are feeling more confident regarding tackling the UCAT exam, then you were when you started the course. Hence you will perform better on the exam.


Plan to succeed.


Team MedScore

Location:  Zoom Class


What you get from MedScore that you will not get from any other organisation event:

Why Choose MedScore?

MedScore UCAT Crash Course has been created by a group of medics who have all achieved over the 700 on all sections of the examination, spending an extensive amount of hours utilising their knowledge to create the Crash Course.

Medscore lead tutor is a doctor who has performed over 800 on all sections of the UCAT. Averaging 810 on the UCAT. The vast experience of tutoring student gives Medscore tutors the skills and knowledge on helping UCAT takers improving their grades.

    Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the PREMIUM UCAT CRASH COURSE (LIVE ZOOM CLASS).

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