University of Bradford Foundation Year in Clinical Sciences Advice (1)

University of Bradford Foundation Year in Clinical Sciences Advice (1)


Congratulations on securing a place on this course; see this opportunity as a chance to achieve your goal to study Medicine. Outlined below is some advice that is important to be aware of prior to embarking on this journey.



Although you are on the Foundation Year, make sure to apply through UCAS to universities such as Leeds, Brighton and Sussex, Lancaster, Hull York and Sheffield as this allows you to maximise your chances on getting a place at Medical School. This experience of having to draft a personal statement, collect references, sit the BMAT or UKCAT will help to focus you for the challenge of the Foundation Year. With regards to the BMAT, you can sit it In Leeds or Bradford and get a refund if you qualify for the Cambridge Admissions Testing bursary.


Mental Health


Look after your Mental Health by engaging in societies and clubs to destress you. A key point is to find work experience and volunteering opportunities (use connections built at Fresher’s Fayre). This will assist with building your medical CV.


Engage with your personal tutor and other lecturers if you struggle with theoretical concepts; email them or speak to them after lectures.




In February, you will sit the BMAT only for Leeds; prepare for this little and often but bear in mind, a high BMAT score and a poor Chemistry score below 70 will immediately disqualify you from an interview at Leeds.


General Advice/Tips


  • Get a planner/ timetable and document key deadlines. Do not miss anything at all.
  • Find a note taking method that works for you.
  • Learn how to use Endnote Online which is a referencing software. It saves so much time when it comes to organising references.
  • Use academic journals such as ‘Pubmed,’ ‘BMJ’ or ‘Science Direct’ not just websites for referencing work.
  • Network with older years especially those in Year 1 or Year 2 to give you notes and advice.
  • Choose research topics for essays and your booklet carefully. Make sure you have a genuine interest in it and that there are enough articles.



MedScore are here for you in this journey to allow you to maximise your potential; we can do this through: revision workshops, personal statement workshops, interview preparation and general advice- feel free to contact us.


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