Our first event as an external organisation, the MMI interview setting was a success. We appreciate the feedback we received.

This event had a 55% success rate of entry into medical school. Out of 11 people who received helped from us, 6 made it into medical school.

4 out of 9 people who showed up to the interview Master Class are now medical school students and the 2 other students who received virtual aid are also now medical students. An achievement we hope to surpass with our future events.

We are ready to run a more events by incorporating all the feedback we have received, to lead a more intense and effective course, which will ensure that any student will perform to their best ability at the interview stage.

What you will now get from us that you will not get from any other organisation events

A team of undergraduate/graduate medical students from various medical schools around the UK running the mock interview session and giving you valued feedback to ensure you have the best chance to pass any university medical school interview. 

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